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Argentina is geared up to thrill - from steamy nights tango dancing in the chic quarters of Buenos Aires, to long days riding with gauchos in the grasslands of the pampas. You can climb to the roof of the Americas, raft down andean rivers, visit the birthplace of Che Guevara and the resting place of a dinosaur known to have been bigger than T Rex. There are unusual sights and sounds to sharpen every sense: the thundering Iguazu Falls, jagged peaks and splintering glaciers in the far south, the birdlife of the Ibera marsh and the marine life of the Peninsula Valdez. To set the taste buds tingling are the vineyards of Mendoza and the traditional Welsh tearooms of the Cubut valley. At the end of the road is Ushuaia, the southern most city in the world. Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, but is usually seen as more European than South American. In the center are fine boulevards, parks, museums,theartres, public buildings, shopping centers and a lively and incredibly varied nightlife. Here you can eat at the finest restaurants and find music to suite your taste, including the tango. Cordoba and the Central Sierras


Cordoba, the second city in the country, has some historic, colonial buildings and is an important route centre, especially for road travel to the north west. The Sierras de Cordoba contain many pleasant small resorts and small towns in the hills.



This area includes routes to the major tourist center of Salta, from where trips can be made into the Andean regions, the Quebrada de Huamahuaca and the Calchaqui and Cachi valleys. There a re pre historic ruins near Tafi de Valle, Quilmes, Santa Rosa de Tastil and others. This is also a region where there are a number of Amerindian groups.



Situated on the Rio Arias, in the Lerma valley, Salta lies in a mountainous and strikingly beautiful district. It was founded in 1582 and still possesses a number of fine colonial buildings. It is a great handicraft centre and the major starting place for tours of the northwest.



From the Pampas to the heights of Aconcagua and the Uspallata Pass, en route to Santiago and Medoza is a center of wine making, fruit growing, winter sports, river rafting on the Rio Mendoza and mountain climbing. Uspallata is a base for exploring the surrounding mountains of great grandeur.The natural bridge after which the place is named is one of the wonders of the natural world. It crosses the Rio Mendoza at a height of 19 mt and has a span of 21mt and is 27mt wide and seems to be formed by sulphur bearing hot springs.



The oasis of San Juan, La Rioja and Catamarca lie between the plains and the Andes.Interesting anthropomorphicrock formations and petroglyphs can be seen, especially in Valle de la Luna and Pueta de Talampaya.The skeletons of the oldest known dinosaur were found in this region.



Between the Rios Uruguay and the Parana lies Argentine Mesopotamia: the provinces of Entre Rios, Corrientes and misiiones. The province of Corrientes is marshy and deeply wooded, with low grass covered hills rising from the marshes. Entre Rios has plains of rich pasture land. Misiones is a hilly strip of land. It's boundary to the north is the Rio Iguazu, which here tumbles into the great Iguaza Falls. These falls are the most overwhelmingly magnificent in all of South America. This is a definate destination, if visiting anywhere in the region.



In the Parque Nacional Los Glaciers is a series of great lakes strung along the foot of the Andes. This area is good for fishing, water sports, walking, climbing and skiing. The most important centre is Bariloche.



Patagonia is a vast, windy, treeless plateau,south of the Rio Colorado, bordered by the Atlantic coast which is rich in sea life, most easily seen around Pueto Madryn.In the south of the region is the Parque Nacional de los Glaciares, with journeys on lakes full of ice flows and to the Moreno glacier.



The island at the extreme south of South America is divided between Argentina (east) and Chile (west).The south has beautiful lakes, woods and mountain scenery and there is much birdlife. Boat trips can be made on the Beagle Channel.

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