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The earth is formed of seven continents. Some are connected to each other while others are not. In the world, there are a continent is similar to the paradise and offers diverse the most beautiful landscapes, culture, traditional and history. The name is South America or Latin America.


Travel Tour Groups is tour operator in the South America, we are created Traditional and Cultural Holidays activies for you.


In this style trips, you will find the best South America tours involves the best destinations of Culture, Traditional and History. Where you don´t need to walk far, if you want to have the best experience in the world. Each location holds many festivities held every year in the South America destinations.


Usually in this activity is moderate or easy during the trips. Visit the lost city of the Incas. you can take the luxury train or the backpacking, then take the bus up to the Inca citadel. In the Andean city of Cusco the most important Incan festival Inti Raymi is held every year just after the winter solstice in June. It is a brilliant festival of colour, costumes, indigenous music, reinactment of the Inca ceremonies and dance and finishes in the monolithic ruins of Sacsayhuaman. It really is a celebration that highlights the passion of the Andean people and their ancient traditions. Most of these traditons are based in the offerings and blessings to Patchamama (Mother Earth) and Inti (Sun). Come to South America and enjoy  the best festival in the world!!. where they can be found the paradise. Book Now you trips or contact with our tailor made department for your request.




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