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Puerto Madryn, located on the Atlantic coast, it is known in Argentina for its aluminum factory, but around the world it is well known for the whales sanctuary.

The city came to life in 1886 as a railway junction; immigrant workers flooded in from Europe as the railway network expanded. Both Welsh and Italian language and traditions are still very strong here.


Peninsula Valdes itself is a World Heritage status paradise for wildlife lovers, a wildlife sanctuary and breeding area for Southern Right whales (June to December), elephant seals and sea lions, and in March Orcas start to arrive and you can see them hunting sea lions on the coast. Incredible wildlife scenery is waiting for you to be discovered. Take a whale watching boat trip from Puerto Piramide to see the whales up close and get stunned with one of the best Patagonia tours..


Next is Caleta Valdes, a natural canal with great variety of marine and terrestrial wildlife including an elephant seal colony. In the peninsula, you will find another incredible place,  the Salinas Chica and Grande, the biggest depressions in South America (some 126 feet below sea level).


Away from Puerto Madryn, you can also visit the largest population of Magellan Penguins in South America (almost 1 million) at Punta Tombo. It is a lonely place located on the coast, and it is the biggest continental breeding ground of Magellan penguins. There, people can walk along the park trails and see more than 200,000 nesting birds, and more than 600,000 penguins.

Nearby, you can visit Gaiman, a picturesque small town settled by Welsh immigrants in the 1870’s. It still maintains much of its original architecture. You may savor a delicious Welsh tea with pastries at one of the traditional teahouses of Gaiman. Experience your Patagonia holidays like no other in this remote area of Argentina.

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