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Salta, also called in Argentina as “Salta La Linda” was funded in 1582 and it is well known by its colonial architecture and its Andean legacy. Around the main square you can find typical Cafes, the main Cathedral and the famous museum MAAM “Museo Arqueologico de Alta Montaña”, where you can find Inca stuff and the mummies of Llullaillaco, those 3 kids that were mummified at the top of Mount Llullaillaco by the Incas and were offered to the Sun God.
In the city people can also visit San Bernardo Hill, can get at the top by walking, or taking a funicular. Once you get there, you will have the most spectacular picture of the whole city and its valley.
One of the so many places to visit here is called La Polvorilla, an incredible bridge builded in 1932, but opened in 1939. At 4200m above sea level, , is one of the highest bridges for railway in the world. To arrive there, on the way you will stop at the pre inca ruins of Tastil and cross by the Quebrada del Toro until you get at San Antonio de los Cobres, a very small town few meters away from the famous bridge.
Another awesome place to visit is Salinas Grandes, located at 4096m above sea level; this is one of the Highlights of Northern Argentina, with a white surface of 212 km2, from there you can appreciate “La Puna”, a huge plateau at the high mountain with a stunning scenery. From there we can go down hill until we reach the Andean town of Purmamrca, where you will find the unmistakable 7 Colors Mountain. Here you can not miss the local food, such as “Empanadas, Humitas and Chivito Asado”, great cuisine with unique flavours, always keeping the Andean tradition.
Near Purmamarca, it is located the town of Tilcara, right in the middle of La Quebrada de Humahuaca declared by UNESCO Heritage, with its Pucara de Tilcara ( pre-inca´s city), the Archeological Museum among others, Uquia very well known by the church that keep paints from the Cusco´s Painting School. The place was funded by Omaguacas, uquías, quechuas y tilcaras before the spanish colonization, and where you still can find remains of those cultures.

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