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Our trips aim to offer our clients an exciting and real cultural experience in South America through interactive and unique travel experiences. Our hope is that traveling with us will lead to a deeper understanding of how people live in the beautiful regions we discover, and help contribute to building a better world.

In the spirit of sustainable tourism, our aim is to offer a unique traveling experience while preserving local cultures and ecosystems for a better future. Whether you plan on exploring the natural or archeological wonders of South America, we invite you to find the right trip for you and join us at Tierras Vivas in sharing our vision for a better world.

While most of our trips are quite adventurous, exploring wild areas, others are more relaxing. Whether you are a returning traveler or this is your first trip with us, we are confident you will find the trip you are looking for and have the experience of a lifetime!


Style of trip

The trips are defined by the style and adventure level,  each fitting in to a category of: comfort, moderate, or extreme. Whichever is your preference, we are sure  that you will find the one that suits you best!


Travel Tour Group Tailor made trip

We are always ready to help you to design the trip that suits you best with Travel Tour Group, we are specialists in designing holiday's in South America and creating exciting and unforgettable experiences.


Is it for you?

Our trips are made for active and open-mind people who love enjoying the unusual and the adventurous. For some of our expeditions and trekking trips, you must be aware that even the most easy walk involves some physical and mental effort, so that you should be fit and sure enough to enjoy your trip.


Inca Trail Authorization

We are tour operator to Inca Trail and alternative treks to Machu Picchu since 2006.


Travelling with Travel Tour Group


What makes of Travel Tour Group a good tour company?

Travelling in a small group tour makes it feel like you're travelling with friends and this makes it easier to experience the local culture, its food, local transport, streets, and see the authentic side of places, not just dwelling in hotels, or going shopping or eating.


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