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Rainbow Mountain Trek

Rainbow Mountain Trek

Have you ever imagined seeing a rainbow mountain in the middle of the Andes? Nature was very kind to give to the region of Cusco the most beautiful landscapes in the world, including Vinicunca. This incredible mountain is also known as "seven colors", "cerro colorado" and in English as "Rainbow Mountain". The imposing mountain Vinicunca presents this hue due to the erosion of sedimentary stones, the same ones that are formed without any intervention of man, being compared with a terrestrial rainbow.The Mountain of 7 Colors or Rainbow Mountain (known by locals as "Cerro Colorado"), is located in Vinicunca, province of Quipicanchis, department of Cusco, located between 4,710 and 5,200 m.a.s.l. Its a geological formations reveal all its splendor, in contrast to the blue sky forming a formidable barrier between the desert of the coast and the Amazon rainforest, dominated by the beautiful snowy Ausangate (6,384 m), one of the great apus of this region. The mountains of Vinicunca is one of the spectacular places of the Vilcanota Mountain range, awaiting a natural coloration, this coloration is given by the presence of sedimentary stones in erosion. The impressive thing is how the stones have been formed to form a set of seven colors. The height of the mountain is approximately 5,000 meters above sea level.This route offers its visitors a wonderful panorama of majestic mountains and glaciers such as the Ausangate and crystalline rivers, peaceful scenes of camel herders, native Andean natives of multicolored and native clothing. This new route, apart from the beaten tracks, is a true adventure, through a preserved and wild nature, where the only encounters that you will have will be with Vinicunca. This is a different and prolonged way to visit the Vinicunca Mountain (Rainbow Mountain), enjoy beautiful landscapes with abundant Andean flora and fauna. Appreciate wonderful views of Ausangate, one of the highest mountains in Peru and the colorful valley of southern Cusco with its extensive lagoons, Andean villages, rivers and streams. 



Before you go


Day 01: Cusco - Quesuno - Anata 

Day 02: Anata - Rainbow Mountain - Cusco 


Please Note: This itinerary is subject to change without prior notice according to weather conditions, strikes, roadblocks, or other events which are beyond our control. We will always do our best to follow the itinerary as closely as possible.



Accompany us through this curius data to know a little more about Vinicunca, the 7 color Mountain.


  • Vinicunca is located in the district of Pitumarca, in the Canchis province, very close to the Ausangate Mountain (sacred mountain). Its high Andean area makes it surrounded by camelids such as alpacas and vicuñas, an incredible turquoise lagoon and varied fauna. Also, you can appreciate the flight of the majestic condor, an animal in danger of extinction.

Origin of the Rainbow Mountain:

  • Without a doubt this is a question that many would like to clarify, thanks to the great consultation of our travelers we decided to carry out an investigation to keep them much more informed:For this we go back in time and we will return approximately 24 million years ago, at that time, different layers of rock sediments such as sandstones, halites, gravel, limestone ranging from ocher, green, yellow and white along with other minerals, they were compacted one on top of the other until forming different layers like plasticine masses, one over another according to the weight of each layer; the heaviest ones in the lower part and the others over them.As the time passed with the movement and shock of the tectonic plates, new mountains were born, as we explained earlier, these pressed masses of colors rose while maintaining these typical colors.As the time passed with the movement and shock of the tectonic plates, new mountains were born, as we explained earlier, these pressed masses of colors rose while maintaining these typical colors.However, the meteorological factors were in charge of preserving them and above all of maintaining it in total splendor and of course respecting their typical colors equally. And not only that, it also influences the altitude since this place is located at approximately 5000 m.a.s.l it makes the vegetation scarce to the point of not growing almost nothing, if there was vegetation this great colorful wonder could not be visible. Then we add to this that not only endogenous and exogenous factors intervene but also geographical factors such as altitude. All this is a set of curious mixtures of our nature because only nature could give us curious landscapes that often escape our own imagination.

At what time of the year is it better to visit mountain of colors?:

  • All travelers agree that the best time of year to visit the rainbow is in the month of August, since it is dry season and it is excellent to visit.Already their famous colors look pretty good. You have to try to avoid days when it has rained (December, January and February) or times when a snowfall has fallen.

Coloring of the Rainbow Mountain:

  • According to the investigation of the Cultural Landscape Office of the Decentralization of the City of Cusco, the colorations of the mountain of the 7 Colors are due to the mineralogical composition that it has: the pink color is for the red clay, fangolitas (mud) and arilitas (sand). The whitish, for the quartzose sandstone and marls, rich in calcium carbonate. The red is composed of the clay (iron) and clays belonging to the upper tertiary. The green is due to the compound of phyllites and clays rich in ferro magnesian. The earthy brown is a product of fanglomerate composed of rock with magnesium belonging to the Quaternary era. And the mustard yellow color for the calcareous sandstones rich in sulphurous minerals.


  • Altitude: 2050 - 5200 m.s.n.m. 
  • Season: May - September 
  • Level of Difficulty: Normal to Moderate.




On the first day of your Rainbow Mountain adventure we will pick you up at your hotel at 3:00 a.m . While packing up our gear our chef will be preparing a hot breakfast to get you fueled up for the hike ahead of you. Our guides will go over the itinerary for the day and safety tips in a short briefing to ensure you are fully prepared for the next two hiking days. The trek begins in a large green valley. You will see hundreds of local fauna as alpacas,also you will meet local farmers, and the beautiful Ausangate mountain looming in the distance- this is only a teaser for what is to come on your journey. As you continue making your way on the trail you will begin to conquer the first pass of the trek- Puccacocha pass. At around 16,000 feet, the pass sits just above Puccacocha lake, and the massive Ausangate mountain is directly in front of you, while a beautiful active glacier crashes into the lake below. After a successful climb we will stop around noon for lunch and to recharge your body for the remainder of the hike. Our destination for the night is Anata, where we will enjoy a beautiful evening surrounded by jaw dropping landscape in the still of the Andes.

  • Distance: 14km/ 8.7 miles 
  • Elevation: 4200m-5000m 
  • Hiking time: 5-6 hours



The second day, you will have the chance to see the beautiful Rainbow Mountain. We'll wake you up bright and early (time dependent on weather- usually between 3am - 5am) you can drink coca tea, and serve you a hearty breakfast to fuel you up for your final climb to Vinicunca (Rainbow Mountain). Upon arrival you can take all the time you want soaking in the amazing 360 degree vistas of the surrounding lands and explore the mountain itself. Take some time to yourself and really enjoy the beauty of nature around you- it truly is a magical place.Arrival time back in Cusco will depend on how long you want to spend on Rainbow Mountain, but we typically get back around 5pm -6pm and drop you off at your hotel.

  • Distance: 18km/ 11 miles
  • Elevation: 5000m-5200m-4200m
  • Hiking time: 6-7 hours



  • Pre-trek briefing (Our guide will visit your hotel a day before the trek for your briefing);
  • Early morning transfer by private bus to Qesuno - the initial point of the trek;
  • Accommodation: Campsites (1 nights);
  • Entrance fee to the red of Rainbow Mountain;
  • Meals: 1x breakfast, 2x lunch, 1x dinner and 1x afternoon hot beverages (please advise us in advance if you are a vegetarian; this option is for NO extra additional cost);
  • Snack every morning;
  • Professional bilingual Tour Guide (a group of up to 8 participants receives 1 Guide, a group over 8 persons receives 2 Guides);
  • Professional Cook;
  • Horseman;
  • Horses to carry food, camping and cooking equipment and 5 kg of each passenger's stuff; 
  • Water every day (excluding the first 4 hours of the trek when you need to bring your own);
  • Camping equipment Personal double tents (4 person tent which allows for greater comfort, and also storage of backpacks);
  • Inflatable mattress (Term-a-Rest Mattress); 
  • A sleeping bag (for up to -5°C);
  • A blanket per person
  • A pillow
  • Tables and chairs, a cooking tent with cooking equipment, dining and toilet tents and bottled gas;
  • Duffel bag (for your personal belongings);
  • Tourist bus Cusco - Qesuno - Cusco ;
  • First aid kit including emergency oxygen bottle.


  • Breakfast on the first morning.
  • Dinner on the last night.
  • Sleeping bags - If you haven't got a sleeping bag or you don't want the hassle of bringing one all the way to Peru with you, then we have sleeping bags for hire.
  • Tips for the guide, cook and porters
  • Additional horses for passengers luggage.
  • Extra purchases and tips


  • Original identity document 
  • Personal medicine kit (bandages, cotton, bandages, alcohol, aspirin, pills for stomach problems, medicines to prevent altitude sickness). 
  • Camera, extra batteries 
  • Boots or shoes for hiking. 
  • Walking stick with rounded rubber tip. 
  • Hat or cap Long sleeve shirts
  • Canteen 
  • Dehydrated fruits, candies and chocolates 
  • Gloves, scarf, wool stockings. 
  • Raincoats in the rainy season.
  • Long pants. 
  • Insect repellent. 
  • Sunscreen. 
  • Sweaters and a jacket
  • Medium backpack (approx 40 liters) for walks. 
  • Towel and toilet paper. 
  • Warm clothes  (sweater and jacket). 
  • Binoculars.




 Here we will give you some tips:

  • Bring equipment such as: hat, small backpack, comfortable shoes, warm jacket, sunscreen, trekking cane, cover and water to hydrate. 
  • It is important that the traveler acclimate to Cusco and travel a few days before to avoid the soroche or altitude sickness.
  • Buy food in the city of Cusco or Pitumarca, are the only places where you will find shops to buy groceries or water. 

The Vinicunca mountain or mountain of colors has become an important tourist attraction, visited by thousands of national and international tourists. When receiving so many travelers a year, a contingency plan is needed to protect it so that future generations can enjoy it.

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