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Pampachiri Stone Forest, the House of the Smurfs in Apurimac

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The stone forest of Pampachiri or house of the Smurfs; It is a wonderful and magical attraction located in the province of Andahuaylas-Apurímac, framed in the district of the same name "Pamapachiri". It has an area of 60 hectares, in which it houses impressive rock formations that make the imagination of any visitor fly.


Likewise, in 2018 a law was promulgated in favor of the Pampachiri stone forest; Said law is No. 03018 "Law that declares the recognition, delimitation, enhancement of cultural value and tourism development as a protected natural area of the Pampachiri stone forest, located in the district of Pampachiri, province of Andahuaylas, of national interest. department of Apurímac”


If you are in the department of Apurímac, mark this tourist destination as your next visit to make. And don't worry, here we provide you with the best information you should know before making your visit.


Where is the Pampachiri Stone Forest or House of the Smurfs located?

The Pampachiri stone forest is located in the Pampachiri district, Andahuaylas province; framed in the department of Apurímac.


At what altitude is the Pampachiri Stone Forest?

The stone forest is located at about 3600 meters above sea level. But, the Pampachiri district is located at about 3360 meters above sea level.


What is the weather like in the Pampachiri Stone Forest?

The stone forest to be found in the district of Pampachiri, have the same climate; this is cold and dry. It also has two well-defined seasons:


The rainy season; includes the months of November to March. During this period, rain, hail and lightning are very frequent, characteristic of the high-Andean areas. For this reason, in this season the minimum temperature is 4 °C and the maximum reached is 17 °C.


The dry season; includes the months of April to October. During this period the sky is clear and the absence of rain is notorious. Therefore, the minimum temperature during these months is 5 °C and the maximum is 19 °C.


Very important!

The coldest months within the dry season; They are the months of June and July. Where the temperature drops to 0°C. Since, during these months, the high-Andean areas are in the frost season.


Information about the Pampachiri Stone Forest or House of the Smurfs

The Pampachiri stone forest is located in the Pampachiri district, framed in the Apurímac department. This majestic place has an area of 60 hectares. Likewise, the rock formations found there are the product of the erosion of two volcanoes, the Qawarasu and the Sotaya, this occurred more than four thousand years ago.


Etymologically the word "Pampachiri"; It comes from two Quechua words “pampa” whose meaning is flat space and “chiri”, which means cold. Similarly, the stone forest is called "Ayamachay" which means cave of spirits. They gave him that name. Since, some residents say that this space was inhabited by gentiles who one day disappeared due to a rather strange phenomenon; the rising of two suns As a consequence of such a phenomenon currently; when the moon eclipses these characters come to life and complain in a language different from that spoken by the people, a language that only some of the elders of Pampachiri understand.


Today the stone forest has become an attraction that is highly visited by many tourists who come to the province of Andahuaylas; causing among them astonishment. Due to the peculiar formations that these rocks have. Many of them named it "the house of the Smurfs". Because the resemblance that the formations have with the house of "the Smurfies" is impressive; one of the best-known television series worldwide.


Tourism in Pampachiri or House of the Smurfs

Walk in the stone forest of Pampachiri or house of the Smurfs

The entire area of the Pampachiri stone forest is purely for walking; most travel agencies offer trekking tours through this place; These are divided into two zones:


First zone: This section of the walk is quite simple. Therefore, it lasts approximately 30 minutes. During the tour you will be able to appreciate rock formations very similar to the homes of the "Smurfs". And these are currently used as homes or warehouses for products by the same inhabitants of the area. Likewise, the formations that you will observe are quite impressive and measure up to more than 6 meters in height.

Second zone: This section is of moderate difficulty. Likewise, the tour of the entire area lasts approximately 3 hours. During the journey you will be able to observe that the rock formations project different figures; among them zoomorphic, phytomorphic and even anthropomorphic. Most of these formations measure up to 6 meters in altitude.


Camp in the Stone Forest of Pampachiri

There are several ideal places to camp within the stone forest; the place is really very mystical and has a lot of magic in the environment. Therefore, to be able to observe the starry sky; next to imposing rock formations is a fascinating experience. In addition, many travelers choose to do this type of activity; some on their own and others with the help of a travel agency.


How to get to the Pampachiri Stone Forest?

To get to the Pampachiri Stone Forest. First of all, you should go to the province of Andahuaylas - department of Apurímac. To do this, we will take the city of Cusco as a starting point, go to the bus terminal; and take a bus towards Andahuaylas. The cost of the ticket ranges from 50 to 80 soles and the travel time is approximately 7 hours. The difference in prices is due to the category and type of service provided by each company.


Once located in Andahuaylas, you must take the services of a bus to the town of Pampachiri; due to the influx of tourists, some drivers usually provide transportation services to the same attraction. Finally, it only remains to coordinate with the driver of the vehicle. The cost of the ticket is S/.15.00 and the trip lasts approximately 3 hours.


What is the best season to visit the House of the Smurfs in Pampachiri?

The Smurfs' house can be visited during the dry season (April to October). Since during these months the absence of rain highly favors the conservation of routes within the stone forest.


What is the cost of entry to the Pampachiri Stone Forest?

The good news of visiting the stone forest in Pampachiri is that you do not need to pay an entrance ticket.


What are the visiting hours to the Pampachiri Stone Forest?

Because the place is freely accessible, it is not subject to a set schedule. But, we recommend you visit between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm maximum; due to return transportation.


Are there restaurants or shops close to the Pampachiri Stone Forest?

There are no restaurants or shops near the stone forest. But, if you return to the Pampachiri district you will be able to find some shops; restaurants and some hostels, this town is one hour from the stone forest.



  • Identification document
  • Bring a hat or cap for the sun
  • Trekking Shoes
  • Warm Jacket
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunscreen
  • Photographic camera
  • Water, don't forget to hydrate yourself; if possible give you coca leaves
  • Snack (do not throw the waste in any other place that is not a garbage can, remember to take care of the environment)
  • Extra money (preferably short checks in case you make an extra purchase at the place)

Recommendations for the Camp in Pampachiri

  • A Sleeping Bag
  • Mattress
  • Cap for the cold
  • Mountain Tent
  • Lantern
  • Water
  • Easy cooking foods (soup packet or instant food)
  • Alcohol Kitchen
  • Basic Kitchen Utensils
  • Water
  • Purifying Pills

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