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Not many countries can compete with Peru when it comes to bio-diversity and beauty, which is why it is the perfect place for ecotourism, hiking, trekking, biking, river-rafting, paragliding, sport fishing, rock climbing, sandboarding, etc Peru is endowed with far reaching regions of wild and rural nature, including the highest tropical mountain range in the world, the Amazon rainforest and an extensive Pacific coastline, this presents you with opportunities to do many adventure and outdoor activities.

Here we have listed the best places to do particular sports and activities. You can choose your favourite or combine them.




Peru presents two types of trekking opportunities. Jungle trekking and mountain trekking. Jungle trekking. Tierras Vivas offers a variety of jungle tours and mountain trekking tours which folllows paths with beautiful flora and fauna, chances to interact with local communities and be surrounded by wonderful landscapes. Most of the trekking routes are walked on often by the locals though some of the popular paths are getting damaged. Please remember when hiking not to leave any litter anywhere.

There are some excellent circuits around the summits of the Cordilleras Blanca (eg Llananuco to Santa Cruz, and the hikes out of Caraz) and Huayhuash. Close to Cusco the Ausangate trek is also great. Another kind of hike is trekking to and around ruins. The main example is of course the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, another is Vilcabamba (the Incas last hideout) and Choquequirao and the hikes in the Chachapoyas district. The Colca and Cotahuasi canyons also present excellent hiking opportunities. The Salkantay Trek is another popular one. For capable mountaineers there are many wonderful summits. The highest mountain in Peru is Huascaran (first climbed in 1932)  and is a favourite amongst hikers.

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu tours


The Inca Trail

This ambitious, gratifying and beautiful path is on the very top of travellers wish list. The ongoing demand and strictening regulations for the trail means accessibility on the Inca Trail has become an issue.
Because of this there are now many alternative routes to Machu Picchu, nevertheless a lot of people still want to do the classic Inca Trail, it is therefore crucial to book as early as possible to assure your place on the trail.



Some call it the `new´ Machu Picchu, Choquequirao is the sister city of similar importance, built along similar lines, has gone rather unnoticed until now, because of the tightening Inca Trail regulations, it is now a feasible alternate. It is harder to get to, and for now still relatively tourist free. Choquequirao is said to mean `cradle of gold´ after the Inca who was apparently of high status. This is likely what Machu Picchu looked like 25 years ago. The Peruvian government are planning to start  big scale tourism here.



Peru is amongst the most important places in the world for bird fans. It competes with Colombia for having the largest list of birds in the world. Of all the bird species on the planet 18.5% are located in Peru, including 45% of all neotropical birds. Almost 2,000 species of resident and migrant birds are recognized throughout Peru, meaning there are excellent bird watching opportunities to be had. Birds breed during the whole year, though the optimim time is in October, just before the rain comes, hence it’s easier to find birds from September till Christmas. If you’re going to be in the mountains don’t forget your rainwear, especially in the rainy season (Nov-Apr).

peruvian amazon


Manu Biosphere Reserve

, (Manu National Park) is the climax for any trip to Southern Peru, a very large forest area considered as having the largest bird population on Earth is famous amongst birders. It prides itself on more than 1,000 types of birds. Cocks -of-the-rock, quetzals, toucanets, tanagers and seven kinds of colorful macaws wait for persistent birders. Some foreigners have reported seeing as many as 500 different kinds of birds there on short visits to Manu! Nowhere else in South America exists such an enormous, clean region in such comfort.

Farther north of Peru in the Andes there are loads of birds too, some completely breathtaking, such as the amazing Spatuletail.



The Amazon is one of the best places in the world to do fishing, set in the most wonderful surroundings. The Tambopata River contains a wide diversity of freshwater fish, like the Payara, Pacu (Giant Piranha), Catfish, Zungaros, Piros and Suburim. The biggest black marlin in the world weighing an astonishing 1,560 lbs (702 kilos) was caught in Peru’s waters. The coast offers fine saltwater fishing and good trout fishing in the highlands.



The combo of high peaks and rainforest jungles create excellent surroundings for rafting. Nothing can beat the adrenalin rush of rafting down river against some of worlds finest white water. Peru boasts some of the best rivers in the world, some are included in the world top ten best white waters. The most popular place is the Apurimac River which offers class IV and V rapids. Apart from being an adrenalin rush beyond belief it also gives you access to areas that are unaccessible otherwise. Desert canyons to dense jungle gauges that will show you a part of wildlife rarely seen, like animals that live on the bank of the river to marvellous rock formations eroded by the powerful river. Peru has the worlds deepest canyon. The origin of the worlds largest river. Beginners to rafting can start with the Urbamba River, which is calmer. The experienced will enjoy a jungle tour that includes rafting.

rafting in apurimac river



Peru is a famed surfing destination, infact some archaeologists argue that the first surfers were Peruvian and not Polynesian. During the whole year waves are plentiful for surfing, with many first rate locatons, such as Punta Rocas and Cabo Blanco, both of which take part in the world surfing championships. Waves reach six metres during all seasons. The place with the biggest waves are in Pico Alto and the best time is in May. The largest break is over 800 metres close to Trujillo with over 30 of the best beaches. As yet Peru is still not as well known a surfing spot as Brasil, and you can easily find an isolated spot where you will have waves to yourself.



This activity is gaining popularity quickly in Peru

Peru is a country with 70 peaks above 18,000 feet, innumerable canyons, valleys, mountains and long coastal roads, this makes it an obvious contender for one of the worlds  leading mountain biking destinations. Once the center of activity for the Incan empire, Peru’s vertical terrain is crossed with thousands of ancient trails that make biking ideal!

However the biking scene in Peru is still rather new, so don’t expect trail maps. Instead sign up for a tour that combines ruins, jungles, trekking and biking with Tierras Vivas.



For hedonists and adrenalin seekers of all ages, this exhilarating new activity is an exciting adventure in an exquisite landscape. This can be done in the desert oasis of Huacachina.



Peru is a climbers dream. There are many large rocks suitable for climbing. Both Lima and Cusco have excellent  rock climbing  districts close by.

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