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Poc Poc Waterfall in Chinchero

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The Poc Poc waterfall is one of the most beautiful natural tourist attractions in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. It is only a 3 kilometer walk from the town of Chinchero. This trek is through a part of the famous Inca trails (qhapac ñan). After almost 1 hour on the road, we arrive at this beautiful waterfall that reaches a height of approximately 35 meters. This adventurous route is completely free for all tourists.


The Poc Poc waterfalls are perhaps a tourist attraction that was little known. One of the most incredible creations of nature that is located a few kilometers from the city of Cusco that promises to dazzle us with such an impressive dimension.


If you were looking for information on how to visit this wonder of nature, it is important that you know these important aspects:

  • Location Province of Urubamba, district of Chinchero, 41 km from Cusco
  • Distance from Cusco 1 hour and 20 minutes by car
  • Ticket cost 2 soles
  • Mild weather
  • Activities Hiking through the waterfall, Lunch nearby in Chinchero or Urquillos, Visit to Awana Cancha (textile center in Chinchero, Visit to the archaeological center of Chinchero
  • What to wear? Small backpack, water, sunscreen, extra money, mosquito repellent
  • Best Visit Season Between May and October

Poc Poc waterfall

The Poc Poc waterfall is one of the most beautiful natural tourist attractions in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. It is a waterfall with a waterfall of approximately 35 meters. Around there is an incredible landscape of high mountains.


The waterfall comes from the high peaks of the Antaquilca mountain. You must travel about 3 kilometers from the town of Chinchero, through a part of the famous Inca trails, the so-called qhapac ñan. The route is surrounded by vegetation characterized by the presence of eucalyptus trees, molle and flowers such as the kantu and more.


The waterfall has cold waters not suitable for enjoying a dip. However, the beautiful landscape of the waterfall, the intense flora of the place and the high mountains are an incomparable spectacle. Currently the place is free entry. There are no tourist guides or tours to this place. The way to go is on your own.


Where is?

The Poc Poc waterfall is located in the middle of the Inca trail that connects the towns of Chinchero with Urquillos, at the height of the Antaquilca mountain. The waterfall is located at about 3,400 meters above sea level.


How to get to the Poc Poc waterfalls?


You can take small vans in group service that leave from Belenpampa, Cusco district to Chinchero for an approximate cost of 5 soles. The average arrival time will be 1 hour to the Chinchero terminal, where we will begin our walk.


Private Bus

If we are looking for more personalized transportation, we can choose to go to Pavitos street and directly hire a car that will take us to Chinchero. Naturally, the cost of this service will be somewhat higher.


The trail to poc poc falls

We will start the tour passing through the Chinchero market until the beginning of an original Inca trail located almost behind the archeological center of Chinchero. We enter through an Inca wall-style alley and most of this route will be somewhat winding, that is, ups and downs.


We will arrive at the foot of a narrow valley where we will find a stream that will show us the path to follow. After descending for approximately 1 hour of walking, we will have reached a hut, from here everything will be stairs going up and down until we hit the impressive waterfall.


Difficulty of the Walk

This path is not difficult, we just have to follow the signs of the place and we assure you that you will not get lost. The tour is scheduled for the whole day, from approximately 7 am to 7 pm. With an approximate walking time of 2 hours to reach the point and 2 hours to return, we assure you 4 hours of full adventure.


How can I return?

Once at Poc Poc Falls, the way back has 2 options:

  • Option 1: Return by the way we already know, that is, go uphill almost 2 km for about 2 to 2 and a half hours until you reach Chinchero
  • Option 2: If this path is somewhat difficult for you, this option is for you. You can continue down the path until you reach a fish and logging farm in the Urquillos district, once there, you must continue walking along the flat path until you reach the main track of this town.

Where can I eat near Poc Poc?

During your walk you will find some ladies from the area who will be able to sell you snacks and soft drinks, however if you want something more substantial, we recommend you opt for a late lunch in Urquillos at the end of your walk or take a small cold cut so you don't have such a bad time.


General recommendations for your visit to the Poc Poc waterfalls

  • Take a rain poncho with you
  • A change of clothes is not bad
  • It is important to have extra money
  • Remember that since it is a walk, there is no mobile signal for many of the routes
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Extra money

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