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Top 15 tourist attractions in Tingo María

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If you are thinking of taking a trip to the jungle of Peru, then an unmissable destination is Tingo María, a city belonging to the department of Huánuco that will surprise you with its ecological diversity and pleasant climate. Undoubtedly, this place is perfect to spend a few relaxing days with your partner or family surrounded by nature. Next, at redBus we show you the main tourist places in Tingo María so that you can enjoy them to the fullest on your next visit.


Enjoy the incredible tourist places of Tingo María

In the Tingo María National Park you will be able to contemplate a large part of the attractions of this destination. By immersing yourself in the vegetation of this area you will feel a deep peace and connection with the flora and fauna. Likewise, in Tingo María you will be able to see a fascinating landscape and visit lagoons, waterfalls and caves that will make you feel like you are in an adventure movie. Now, take note of the destinations that we show you below.


15 Tourist places of Tingo María

The city of Tingo María shows us how beautiful the Peruvian jungle can be with its incredible tourist sites, from the main square, which brings together a miniaturization of everything that this place represents. The magnificence of the falls, with particular charms and forms that hypnotize, the sleeping beauty, whose anthropomorphic image awakens the imagination and fills any tourist or traveler with mysticism. The caves in turn show a different face of what the high jungle is, enriching the experience.


On the other hand, it is vital to mention the fluvial wealth of Tingo María, which among its lakes, rivers and waterfalls, entangles unique and native flora and fauna, aspects that make this place a mandatory destination for anyone who boasts of knowing this great country.


Main Square

The Tingo María main square presents a perfect combination between modern architecture and the environment. It is located in the center of the city of Tingo María and is decorated with small gardens, trees, palm trees and a large arch that symbolizes the entrance to the Peruvian Amazon. It is a pleasant place where you will want to relax, take a walk or take many photos, you will also have at your disposal a variety of hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, bars and shops, since these are easy to find in the surroundings.


Tingo Maria National Park

One of the most visited tourist places in Tingo María is the National Park, one of the first natural protected areas in Peru, it presents an impressive biodiversity and very peculiar landscapes. This natural complex is located 6 km from the city and houses a variety of flora and fauna species typical of the high Peruvian jungle.


Sulfurous Waters Spa

It is located in the Rupa Rupa district, 20 minutes from Tingo María, the sulfurous waters have large amounts of sulfur and form a medicinal pool, this is because sulfur is a good mineral for the skin since it has disinfectant, anti-inflammatory properties. and painkillers.


Immersing yourself in the sulphurous waters will not only improve your physical condition, but you will also be able to enjoy yourself in peace and refresh yourself while admiring the wonders of nature.


Huayna Capac Cave

Located 7 km northwest of the city of Tingo María in the depths of the Peruvian jungle, the Huayna Cápac cave hides a beautiful underground waterfall. To reach it you must descend several meters underground, the descent is rappelling with ropes and safety equipment, an experience full of adventure and mystery, the cave is popular among locals, travelers and explorers.


Cueva de las Pavas Spa

It is located in the high jungle 8.5 km from Tingo María, its name is due to the fact that many leafy trees grow in the spa that simulate and give the impression of being a cave, in addition to the fact that this place was the habitat of abundant wild guans . The spa is surrounded by many stories and legends which makes it special, as well as picturesque.


Las Alcantarillas Spa

It is located 5 km from Tingo María, the spa adopted the name of the sewers because the pools and waterfalls inside it are fed by tubes that are responsible for transporting the waters of the Santa Carmen ravine to the spa.


Adventure Park (Villa Verde Eco-Park)

If there is a favorite place for extreme sports such as canopy or zip line, it is necessary to talk about Villa Verde Eco-park, located at kilometer 2 in Buenos Aires, on the Tingo María to Huánuco highway. This place offers a different experience, from the opportunity to climb the imposing rock formations, to bicycling 30 meters high from the treetops, all this in a comfortable environment from which you can observe the great convergence of the Huallaga River. with the Monzon River.


UNAS zoocriadero

In the UNAS zoocriadero you can find reptiles, mammals and birds in danger of extinction that were confiscated, after taking care of them they are transferred to a natural environment.


UNAS Botanical Garden

The botanical garden has an extension of 5 hectares, it is called "Tingo María Botanical Garden" or "Botanical Garden of the Agrarian University of the Forest"


Animals Paradise Serpentarium

A It is the first space specialized in the reproduction and breeding of snakes in Peru. Its purposes are tourist, scientific and cultural.


Cruz de San Cristóbal viewpoint

From the top you have a privileged view of the sleeping beauty hill and the city of Tingo María. In the upper part of the viewpoint you can also find a cross.


Jacintillo viewpoint

Located on the Jacintillo hill from which its name comes, from the viewpoint you can have a privileged view of the Huallaga valley and also the city of Tingo María, in addition to contemplating the contrast between the mountains with impressive vegetation and the city.


Owls Cave

Definitely, this magical place is one of the main attractions of Tingo María. It is also known as the Monzón Cave. Many tourists come to this place to take pictures and observe nature in its splendor. It is an amazing stone grotto where animals such as insects, reptiles, bats, birds such as swallows, and more live. In the same way, in this 400 meter long cave you will be able to see stalactites and stalagmites formed over the years, these rock formations give the place a very interesting aspect. Inside the cave you will find a special path to observe and listen to the fauna that lives there. Take your time to admire the beauty of nature, as well as to take incredible photos.


Third of May Circuit

In addition, during your visit to the Tingo María National Park you can take the Tres de Mayo circuit, in which you will visit waterfalls such as Salto del Ángel, Gloriapata and Sol Naciente. This route is ideal for lovers of experiential tourism since you can have contact with local communities, as well as get to know the typical gastronomy. Among the main activities that you can enjoy on this itinerary are bird watching, camping and trekking. So if you want to have a more adventurous experience with your partner or friends, don't hesitate to take this option.


Sleeping Beauty

Also, on your walk through Tingo María you will have the opportunity to see the so-called Sleeping Beauty or Puma Ringri (“puma ear” in Quechua), a mountain range that stands out in the landscape of the town. From where you are, you can see that the mountain range resembles a woman lying down, and it is not a simple coincidence, but there is a legend that gives an explanation for this event. This history is one of the main tourist attractions of this interesting destination. The legend is related to the princess Nunash, who for love turned into stone to lie next to her sacrificed lover Cuynac. If you want to get to know this mountain range more closely, you can hire a professional guide to show you all the secrets it hides.


The Miracle Lagoon

To continue exploring the natural attractions of Tingo María, you can visit the Laguna El Milagro. It is located in the El Milagro farmhouse, in the province of Leoncio Prado. This site is perfect for experiential tourism and to observe a dreamlike landscape. Here you can take boat rides, gastronomic tourism, trekking, and sighting of flora and fauna. Without a doubt, this destination will leave you breathless for its particular beauty.


Veil of the Nymphs Waterfall

If you want to continue with plans full of adventure, you can visit the incredible Velo de las ninfas waterfall, located in the town of Tambillo Chico, 16 kilometers from Tingo María. It is an ideal destination for lovers of rock climbing and nature. To get there, you will have to hike for approximately 2 hours, in which you will visit 13 waterfalls. The Velo de las nymphs waterfall is 50 meters high and its waterfall has generated a pool in which you can cool off.


How to get to Tingo Maria?

To go to Tingo María, you must first reach the city of Huánuco. You can travel by bus from Lima to Huánuco with companies such as Guadalupe Tours. The ticket price starts at S/37 soles. The average travel time is 10 hours. You can take advantage of the journey to rest, watch movies, read a book or listen to your favorite music. When you arrive in Huánuco, you can take a bus to Tingo María, the average travel time is 2 hours.



  • The weather in Tingo María is hot and rainy. The average annual temperature ranges between 18.7ºC and 30.5ºC. So include light and cool clothing in your suitcase, a thin waterproof jacket, hat, sunglasses, swimwear, trekking shoes and sunscreen.
  • During your visit to Tingo María you must try its delicious typical dishes such as Tacacho with cecina, Juane de gallina, Pollo canga, Caldo de gallina, Patarashca de pescado, among others. They will surprise you!
  • Also try their refreshing tropical drinks such as cocona, aguajina, masato de yuca, carambola, passion fruit, and more.

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